WordPress SEO Training Gold Coast

This popular course – WordPress SEO Training – will give you the know how to optimize your WordPress Website for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This SEO course is designed for beginners. There is no need for special coding knowledge or any website knowledge required. In fact, the less you know, the better. You will however need to know how to use WordPress, such as creating pages and how to edit them.


About SEO

SEO (Search Engine optimization) is the systematic use of various techniques to increase the traffic to your website which will result in your website rankings to increase. Once your rankings increase your website appears higher in searches and in turn easier for potential clients to find you.

Keyword Research is at the heart of any SEO Strategy. Our goal is to select the relevant keyword phrases that will help drive high traffic volume to your website. An SEO Strategy is made up of thousands of rules which include page content, site wide content, keyword targeting, Internal linking, user experience and much more.


What we offer

Our Advanced WordPress SEO Training makes the content of your web pages more relevant, more attractive and more search engine friendly for crawling and indexing software.

Learn WordPress SEO Training directly on your own website during our WordPress SEO course. Get trained by a certified dedicated professional today.


What you will learn

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